Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Georgia-Cumberland Academy Church Calhoun, Georgia


Spiritual Gifts Test

The Bible desribes the church as a body (1 Corinthians 12), indicating that each part, each person is important.  The Holy Spirit has gifted everyone (even YOU!) with talents and skills that are needed to help build up the church.

The church needs you to be involved (and, in fact, your own spiritual life will strengthen as you serve others).  So what can you do?  Here are two ways to get involved:

1)  Take a Spiritual Gifts Test - this is one way to help you recognize areas that you are gifted, talented, and skilled in.  What is your passion, and how does God want you to serve?   This Spiritual Gifts site has a test for adults and children.  You may take the test as a "Guest" and learn something about yourself (at the end, feel free to send your results to

2) Also, please take the time to fill out this Ministry Interests Survey.  This will let the church know what are you interested in and how you would like to serve.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with others to help build up the church and share the gospel with the world!